House plants and pests!

Household plants are used to add beauty to the indoor environment. The term “household plants” does not mean that the plants have to be in a home, they cold be used to decorate a hotel, lobby or an office as well. A lot of care needs to be taken with these plants to prevent pests from infecting the plants.

Plants are usually infected with pests when they are put outdoors for sunlight or they may come infected with mites, insects or their eggs.

Many pests are easy to get rid of with non-chemical means, however, if you are having a problem with your household plants being attached by pests you could get an insecticide spray that is quite easy to use and rids the plant of the pests in a couple of days.

It is always better to prevent infection rather than let it happen and then look for a cure. It is always better to inspect plants before you purchase them.

Even after you examine the plants it is possible for you to get a plant with a disease or pest infestation. So when you get a plant to the house or office, keep it isolated for a couple of weeks to observe any infection. This will prevent the pest from infecting the other plants as well.

To prevent pests from infecting your plants it is best to insect them periodically and spray the plants with fresh clean water regularly. Never use a feather
duster to clean the plants; this is a sure way of transferring insects to the plant.

Spray your plants at least once every two months.

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